Through EndevourOS We Go!

So, I lied, apparently. Well, not really, just decided things were not as I'd like them to be, and some people were just not as they should be. I've chosen a different path and with many different reasons for it. I stopped working on and with Garuda. Certain differences of opinion, and certain people, well, more specifically, one person. Edu4rd, whom likes to hide under the hidden A Garuda Admin account, while being an insulting belittling and simply pompous rude person. Not just that, but because EndeavourOS does things very simple, and don't make massive alterations to the distro like Garuda does.


So I've been running the distro for several months now actually. I run it on my desktop, on my tabtop, and … No really that's it. My other actually used computer is a MacBook Pro, so no Linux on there. So far, I actually am liking it! It's stable, more so than I imagined. I imagined Arch is unstable, bad, painful, tedious….. Well, Arch Linux has more maintainers, has more actual testing, and more stability than I've seen in a while. Sure, some bumps may happen, but the problems are less common than I have experienced in the years past.

Of course I have all the trimmings, I have snapshots fully setup, I made a installation setup script for my install so I could re-use and setup my setup very much like I like, snapshots included.

The End of Fedora

Yep! That's right! I've stepped away from Fedora, completely. Fedora is a good distro, but not really so much in the community sector very much. I literally waited months, heck more than that, years, to even try to get to be part of the Fedora team in some capacity. I decided enough is enough. They started removing packages that I used, just because they don't maintain them anymore, like devilspie2, gone. I had it put back in by COPR, but I reported the issue, and literally nothing came of it.

So I've fully walked away from Fedora. I can do more with Arch in the community than any other distro, even not being directly part of the team. They actually accept community involvement more.

So, let's see where this road takes us…

-- Psi-Jack

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