I've been involved with computers pretty much all my life. Programming at a young age of 5, to running a BBS system that ended up being a wide area hub for FidoNet, to managing hundreds and even thousands of servers.


I've used Linux since 1993 roughly, back when SLS was around on floppy. I'd gone through many different distributions in all my years, I mean, who couldn't in this world of choice and freedom, right?

Desktop Environements and Window-Managers

I've used fvwm2, AfterStep, WindowMaker, IceWM, blackbox, you name it, if it was a window-manager back in the early days, I'd probably used it.

Eventually though I started using a desktop environment, KDE, which I started using in about 1997, and later eventually stopped using around 2016 when KDE 5.x proved that 4.x's shambles were not ending.

From 2016 till 2022, I'd actually used GNOME, which I originally hated GNOME 1, GNOME 2, and even GNOME 3 especially, but someone from the GNOME PR team got wind of me somehow and helped changed my mind about it, and GNOME 3 ended up being what I used all the way up until the DisplayPort issue.

I've always had XFCE in my back pocket though. Back when it was literally more of a CDE type clone, to what it is now, pretty much it's own thing entirely, semi sorta kind of like GNOME 2, but not at at the same time? It's extremely fast, though, and very reliable, so I'm quite happy with the fact it's slowly but surely being developed and maintained.