What’s Next?

What's next for me?

The path of Endeavour

I had tried out EndeavourOS extensively as well in my path, and because it was down to the metal Arch Linux without overlaying atop it, it was something that should be investigated. But in the end, due to Telegram community base and due to YAD, and just due to the lack of overall experience and knowledge of the team as a whole. There's no CI/CD implementation. There's a guy that build the ISO every month, if they remember, and aren't on vacation... There's an honest lack of true commitment in that regards. I asked them about YAD, and got very little about it. Except they intentionally made YAD startup with a delay because it had mysterious problems otherwise (but it already takes 6 seconds to start on a system running 12 CPU cores, 64GB RAM, etc).

Don't get me wrong though, they have a good community and are friendly folk, and I don't disregard them at all. There is some good room for improvement of the overall teamwork though, for sure.


So, after careful consideration, I've decided to keep things strong in my future and go with Garuda, which is basically Arch Linux with an installer and overlayed packages to add in some customization, themes, and very good utilities.

Speaking of which, Garuda has custom written C++ software that works fantastically. Could possibly be improved a hair bit, but it's better than most distros have! There had been some questioning things they've done in the past, and some I even fixed already, but it's progress. People are open to discuss differences, that's the important part, and not just discuss, but have ideas, even if they're not in full agreement, but compromise towards a goal.


Though, before I begin. I have to talk about the worst communication platform I have ever experienced in over 30 years of my life… Telegram. Garuda and EndeavourOS folk use Telegram as their primary source of community live conversation, and Garuda, they bridge between Discord, Matrix, and even IRC, the EndeavourOS people, they do not bridge at all. Matrix, IRC, and Telegram are all completely separate things, and so there's a strong lack of communication there.

So to explain what happened to my first real experience into Telegram. I used Rambox, which basically is an electron app to use Telegram's WebUI method of access. Simple, right? Sure it worked… It looked really annoying, and all messages were limited of width, as in, if you actually wanted it to span the width of your desktop screen, it won't happen. It will be this narrow area of text specifically. And this isn't different on telegram-desktop, their official electron-based app. Quite the contrary, it's still limited width.

Second to that, I was involved in literally 2 groups. Garuda's and EndeavourOS's.

-- Psi-Jack

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